Video Commerce

Enhance your video content with
up-to-date information from
your eCommerce platform
and deliver interactive video into
product, category and brand pages

video solutions for ecommerce

Overlay.TV for Retail

The Overlay.TV solution is completely customizable to suit your needs.
We can increase conversion rates, lower returns, increase customers time on your site and that’s just the beginning.

Here are just a few of the benefits and features you’ll get by working with Overlay.TV:

Out of the Box Solutions


Video Management


Your team can create, edit, manage and deliver interactive videos all in one easy-to-use environment. We’ll even host all of your video for you.

Overlay Video Editor


Add clickable hotspots as layer on top of video and static images. Your customers will be able to click and shop directly from your product videos.

Live Video Updates

live video

Changes in your product inventory and catalog are automatically updated in product videos being viewed by your customers.

Detailed Analytics


Easy to understand reports that detail your customers video interactions enabling you to better understand their viewing and shopping habits and update messaging accordingly.

User Generated Video Testimonials

User Generated

Customers can record video testimonials and product reviews from their webcams that when posted can easily shared by the community to Facebook, Twitter and more.

Video Customer Service Chat

video chat

Allows your customers to get the online support they need, when they need it, with live face-to-face video conversations with your company’s customer service team.


Increase Brand Awareness


Maintain and increase brand recognition through custom branded, watermarked players and brand experience pages where users can record and share testimonials.

Increase Advocacy


Players are easily shared to online social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter allowing your customers to be active participants in your marketing campaign.

Reduce Costs


All content can be created by you and hosted by us without the need for additional developers and video hosting services.

ROI Analysis


Advanced in-video analytics allows you to track sales and measure user engagement to better understand the habits and needs of your consumers.

Increase Conversion


Engagement through video means consumers spend more time on your site and our one click add-to-cart feature increases consumer purchase power and conversion to sale.


Overlay TV Whitepaper

Download it here!

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